Have you been wondering why Motor Club of America roadside assistance service serve and is exclusively known as the top company ruling within the emergency automobile industry. The structure of the business was created peculiarly different than its competitors as far as marketing and distribution to motorist  or potential customers. The mothly price may seem a little outrageous to many, but the quality outweighs the cost 10 times over, besides, you are only shelling out $0.67 a day.

Did you know 40% of car owners drive a used vehicle in the United States and Canada? Why bring up this disucussion you ask. The probablity of getting stranded is much higher compared to a new automobile. All vehicles must be fully insured (as far as the state of Florida goes) ​and if not, you will suffer a penalty, therefore, car dealerships won't allow a person to move from the lot until insurance has been approved, however, the towing service isn't under the umbrella in case of an personal emergency, only if you are in collision with another car.

A great feature that Motor Club of America has on the membership plan is unlimited towing up to 100 miles a day. That is 36,500 miles that a cardholder has access to 24 hours a day/7 days a week which is absolutely splendid. The partners that accept MCA are thousands available at your disposal. The customer service representative connects the stranded individual with a mechanic near your area and dispatch that specialist immediately towards the site your automobile is down. Since these jobs are lightweight mechanical work, a one-man team can handle each call by himself. The policy covers mobile tire change, gasoline delivery, towing service up to 100 miles, lockout service, and battery boost call.

Why Our Organization is the Better Choice 

1. You have a company that has your total interest in mind.

2. You get access to 5 features for emergncy  

3. Exclusive discounts and benefits 

4. Start a career by referring others to the packaged plans

5. We have over 80 years in experience in the emergency road service program

Overall, every national driver will need a helping hand sometimes another and we can provide that protection under whatever coverage you desire. Our integrity reaches out to the masses of those who wants a service they can trust without any doubts. The roadside assistance pushes boundaries that over 7,000,000 of our current members enjoy daily and knowing, they are in the right hands. 

Motor club of america roadside assistance
The Best of Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance
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